The Genesis protocol – Part 2


Part 2 (Coming soon)


Forced to quit the US and following the setbacks caused by her lifetime extension discoveries, Professor Victoria Steinberg is hiding out up in the mountains somewhere in Europe, with a long-term friend who is the financial director of a facility where she can continue her research work. 

She makes rapid progress and comes close to realizing the craziest predictions about long-life and rejuvenation of humans in the future. But Victoria is unaware that the co-workers in this strange laboratory hidden in the mountains, dedicated to the manufacture of cheap generic medicine, are all members of the Order of Shaniva.

Although not recognized, this Order is nevertheless one of the most ancient in the world, going back to the time of the Mayas. When Charles the Fifth of Spain and Latin America realized that this Order was predicting the emergence of a new civilization in the dawn of the 2020s, as well as the manner in which it would occur, he ensured that its secrets would remain protected forever down the generations. First he killed the young Conquistador Francisco de Montejo with his own sword, and then ordered the destruction of that ancient civilization. He was thus able to exploit all the knowledge the Order had accumulated and written on documents made out of tree bark…